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BLOGBuilding a Better Structured Editor

An ongoing account of my efforts to design and build a new kind of structured document editor. This project is being written in MacRuby, after originally being written in RealBasic circa 2003.

Recent Posts:

  1. A Closer Look at Document Structuring Paul Howson 19-Nov-2012
  2. Preparing Text for Publication is Different from Authoring — and Needs Special Tools Paul Howson 18-Sep-2012
  3. A Conversation with Fredrik, a Document Engineer from the Netherlands Paul Howson 31-Jul-2012

BLOGDesign and Publishing Notebook

A blog about my experiences in design and publishing, which started in the era of manual pasteup and have covered all kinds of technologies since then.

Recent Posts:

  1. The Need for Competition to Adobe Paul Howson 10-May-2013
  2. Yet Another Post About Adobe and Creative Cloud Paul Howson 10-May-2013
  3. More About the Adobe Creative Cloud Only Decision Paul Howson 09-May-2013

BLOGProjector Workbench

A journal of my step-by-step restoration of a 60 year old Pathé Marignon 9.5mm film projector. (hosted at

BLOGDenzil Howson Archive

Denzil Howson (1918–2005) was an accomplished actor, writer, director and producer in television, radio, film and theatre in Australia. His professional career spanned over 60 years starting in radio in the late 1930s. In 1956 he joined GTV9 in Melbourne and played a leading role in the pioneering years of Australian television. This website contains some of Denzil’s photos, films, audio and writings, as well as tributes and stories from family and friends.