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The Xmltr Suite

Xmltr is a suite for UserLand Frontier. You can use xmltr to translate documents marked up with Extensible Markup Language (xml) into alternate representations — such as HTML for publication on the web via the Frontier Web Site Framework or to a tool-specific markup language for print publication.

Table of Contents

About Xmltr
An Overview of xmltr. How you can use xmltr with Frontier’s web site framework. The reasons for creating xmltr. What about XSL?

Quickstart — The Five Steps to Use Xmltr
A brief description of the steps in translating an xml document via xmltr. This is where you download the software and documentation.

Xmltr Tutorial
An introductory tutorial which takes you through the steps of translating XML into HTML for a web page.

Summary of Scripts and Parameters
The complete reference to what scripts you’ll need to call and the parameters they take.

Xmltr Howtos
A series of technical notes describing in more detail how to use xmltr for specific applications.

Revision History
History of releases and new features.

More on XSL
A brief discussion of some of the pros and cons of XSL.

What’s New?

Version 1.2 of xmltr was released on 29th February 2000. See the Revision History for a list of changes.

Documents in PDF Format

The text of this web site is also provided in pdf format for easy off-line reading and reference. You can download it separately from the sidebar button “Docs in PDF” or as part of xmltr suite archive from the “QuickStart” page.

The pdf document was produced from the same xml source files which generated this web site. They were translated using xmltr into markup for a print-formatting system (PageMaker), printed to PostScript and then distilled into pdf.

About the Author

Paul Howson is a design and publishing specialist with over 20 years experience in the industry, ranging from traditional typesetting and manual production systems through to electronic and internet publishing. He has also worked professionally as a programmer for a number of years.

Currently he is principal of The Design Group Qld a graphic design, print and web site publishing company in Queensland, Australia.

Contact Details

Paul Howson
The Design Group Qld
P.O. Box 379
Warwick Qld Australia
Tel +61 7 4661 7720
Fax +61 7 4661 7740
email: paul@tdgq.com.au
xmltr web site: http://www.tdgq.com.au/xmltr/


Website built using Frontier and xmltr. Documentation also available in pdf format for offline reading. Copyright The Design Group Qld 2000. This page last updated Tue, 7 Nov 2000