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A Second Hand 16mm EIKI NT1 Needing Some TLC

In 2010 I was on the lookout for a semi-manual-loading EIKI 16mm film projector in good condition and came across an EIKI NT1 on eBay which looked very promising. The vendor claimed that the machine had been purchased new and used only a few dozen times after which it had “sat in a wardrobe” for many years. Exactly when it had been purchased was not clear, but the serial number (69064) indicated a later model EIKI NT. So I snapped up this apparent bargain.

The projector turned out to be in excellent condition other than some superficial mould, suggesting little use but subsequent storage in slightly damp conditions. A little humidity over many years can induce mould on exposed parts and superficial rust on ferrous parts.

I have been using this EIKI on and off since 2010 and it has worked well. But this year a series of small faults began to occur, starting with an absence of sound then a broken take up reel belt, then a broken feed reel belt, then a sound drum roller that was seized up, then… you get the picture.

Eventually I decided to do a thorough mechanical overhaul of the machine.

That series of events I’ll be writing about in the following blog posts.