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More Signs of Moving Parts that Had Seized Up

Having attended to the malfunctioning speaker and the broken supply and take-up arm belts, more little problems started to make themselves apparent on the EIKI NT projector.

A Failed Speaker on the EIKI NT

The EIKI NT which I had purchased on eBay had ceased to play any sound through the forward-pointing speaker that’s mounted in the rear cover. A replacement speaker was found and fitted.

About this Blog

Growing up in a family involved in film, television and theatre, I have always been interested in the technologies associated with these. This blog started with a project undertaken in 2009 to rebuild an old Pathé Marignon 9.5mm film projector which had belonged to my father, Denzil Howson. Posts about restoration of the Pathé Marignon projector are currently on blogspot at the following url: Since then it this blog has expanded to cover on-going restoration work on film-related technologies.