Building a Better Structured Editor

Why Don’t All RTF Parsers Recognise Styles?

05 Aug 2016

The RTF document format grew in parallel with Microsoft Word. Parsing and interpreting formatting controls when styles are mixed with direct formatting can be a challenge. Perhaps that’s why many RTF parsers ignore styles and their value as a structural device.

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The Difference Between Document Structure and its Representation

04 May 2016

People talk about documents by saying things like: “this is a plain text document”, “this is an XML document”, “this is an HTML document”, “this is a Word document”, “this is a Markdown document”. Read entire post

A Closer Look at Document Structuring

19 Nov 2012

Before going on to examine how a different kind of text preparation tool could make the structuring task faster and easier, lets take a closer look at this task of structuring a documentRead entire post

Preparing Text for Publication is Different from Authoring — and Needs Special Tools

18 Sep 2012

In this post I want to suggest that a publication designer needs a different kind of text preparation tool than the typical “word processor” used by authors. Read entire post

A Conversation with Fredrik, a Document Engineer from the Netherlands

31 Jul 2012

Fredrik from Utrecht in the Netherlands wrote to me in 2010 about publishing workflows. His experiences are similar to mine, so I quote from his email and add a commentary. I had explained to Fredrik about my background in publishing and talked about the typical problems experienced with publishing workflows. Fredrik’s comments are shown indented below:

My background is also in publishing, so I indeed know the problems you are talking about. I have worked with a number of different workflows, automated formatting and manual formatting, xml as source and Word as source. With all the solutions that used Word I saw problems, and typing xml is too much to ask for. I have seen cases where the authors write their articles in Word and others are hired to manually convert it into xml. It may well be the best option currently, but it should be able to improve the situation using a better editor.
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Scotty Interviews Me About Programming and RealBasic to MacRuby Translation

05 Jun 2012

Sometime around May 2010 I was interviewed by British software developer “Scotty”, the genial host of the MDN Show. MDN stands for the Macintosh Developer Network and the MDN Show was a podcast about programming on the Macintosh. The show had originally started as “Late Night Cocoa” some years earlier, when each show consisted of an extended interview with one software developer. The MDN Show in contrast had more of a “magazine” format. Read entire post

What’s Wrong with Word Processors and Why We Need Structured Editors

16 May 2012

For many years I worked in publishing and have personally typeset, designed and supervised the production of what must amount to hundreds of books, journals and brochures using technologies beginning with manual pasteup right through to the latest version of InDesign and including markup-based systems like TEX. Read entire post

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