Samples of Audio from Silicon Chip DAB+/FM Tuner and Tivoli Model 1 Radio

The following samples provide comparison of the Silicon Chip DAB+/FM tuner with an analogue tuner, in this case a Tivoli ("Henry Kloss") Model 1 radio (which are reputed to have an excellent analogue tuner section).

I set up the Model 1 and the DAB+/FM tuner together and alternated using the same rabbit’s ears antenna. Each tuner was operated on its own (with the other tuner switched off). Recordings were made of some ABC Classic FM program from each tuner.

You can clearly hear the differences between the tuners.

The DAB+/FM digital tuner exhibits noticeable noise/distortion artifacts. These artifacts include a kind of "noise ringing" which occurs after a loud section. They sound like some kind of digital filtering artifacts perhaps?

The Model 1 analogue tuner is much cleaner by comparison.

Click here for a mp3 sample of audio from the DAB+/FM Tuner.

Click here for a mp3 sample of audio from the Tivoli Model 1 (analogue) Tuner.

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