A Film Restoration Diary


    Telecine — Initial Experiments and the Spirit Datacine

    09 Sep 2014

    Around the same time as Studio One at GTV9 was transformed into Toyland for the last Tarax Show Christmas Pantomime, the BBC in London was getting ready to launch a new childrens’ television series about a curious character who travels through time and space in a police telephone box. Dr Who was also (mainly) a studio-based production, recorded to videotape and subsequently copied to film for distribution to television stations around the world. Read entire post

    About the GTV9 Film Recording System Circa 1960

    21 Aug 2014

    In this post we’re going to get a bit more technical and look into how these film copies (“kines”) were made from the original television productions. We’re going to delve into some technical history of film recordings at GTV9 circa 1960. Read entire post

    Compiling a List of Films and Their Condition

    31 Jul 2014

    In the previous post I gave a brief history of the Happy/Tarax Show annual Christmas Pantomimes. The surviving film copies of these are the subject of this current restoration project. Read entire post

    Preserving and Restoring the Tarax Show Christmas Pantomimes

    05 Jun 2014

    In 1956 the Olympic Games ushered Melbourne into the television era. My father (Denzil Howson) had joined GTV9 as Assistant Programme Manager in September that year and we were one of the rare households in those early days with a TV set. It was an American “Admiral” set and it cost a lot of money. The Happy Show premiered on 19th January 1957 — just two days after GTV9 began regular transmissions. Read entire post

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