A Film Restoration Diary


    Finding the Smallest Video Raster Crop Size for Downsampling Calculations

    15 Jun 2016

    In the earlier post[1] about downsampling the kine scans from 2K to “PAL SD+”, we established the need to know the minimum dimensions of the video raster, which varies slightly in width and height over the duration of a reel. The final cropping boundary for a PAL SD video needs to fall within the minimum video raster size so that we get nice clean edges on the video frames. Read entire post

    Where Have We Been and What’s Next?

    12 Apr 2016

    Wow, we’re up to the 23rd post in this blog series on restoring the Tarax Show Christmas Pantomime kines. Let’s take a breather and review where we’ve been so far and then map out the next steps. Read entire post

    The Relevance of Pixel Aspect Ratio

    29 Mar 2016

    Congratulations if you got through the previous rather technical post about Pixel Aspect Ratio. Read entire post

    The Mysteries of Pixel Aspect Ratio

    02 Mar 2016

    I mentioned in the previous post that we would talk about Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR). In this post we’ll talk about the historical background and in the next post we’ll look at how it affects video downsampling for this project. Read entire post

    The Mathematics of Downsampling the High Definition Scans for PAL SD

    21 Jan 2016

    In the previous post we established the need to downsample the high resolution 2K scans to a lower resolution for PAL SD release. We need to adjust this downsampling so that: Read entire post

    Editing Tools, Grading and When to Downsample

    12 Nov 2015

    As I write this blog post (November 2015), I’m still covering work done a year or more ago. At the time I didn’t think to write about it. Looking back though it seemed an interesting journey. Read entire post

    Experiments in Digital Restoration with PFClean

    09 Sep 2015

    Some years ago there was a television series called “The Second World War in Colour”. It featured seldom seen colour film footage taken during the war. In the introduction to the accompanying book (of colour photographs) the author remarks that there is a widespread and unconscious perception that “…the war was fought in black and white” — a result of the fact that most of the historical newsreel footage and photographs are in black and white. Read entire post

    Mapping Out a Restoration Roadmap

    17 Aug 2015

    Having assessed the four Tarax Show Christmas Pantomime kine scans, it is time to plan out a restoration roadmap. Read entire post

    Re-Scanning The Golden Princess (1962)

    03 Aug 2015

    In the previous four posts, we assessed four aspects of the Tarax Show Christmas Pantomime kine scans: Read entire post

    Assessing the Scans Part 4 — Soundtrack

    14 Jul 2015

    In assessing these kine scans we come finally and briefly to the sound tracks. Each kine has an optical soundtrack, some are variable area, others variable density. Read entire post

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