Vic Anastasi
Vic Anastasi worked with Denzil at AMV Channel 4 and later as a professional film maker in Albury.
Susan-Gaye Anderson
Susan-Gaye Anderson worked at GTV9 with Denzil in the early days of Melbourne television.
Bill Beams
Bill Beams worked with Denzil at GTV9. His career in Australian television spanned over 30 years.
Ron Blaskett
Ron Blaskett is a celebrated Australian ventriloquist who appeared in The Happy/Tarax Show at GTV9.
Roger Clarke
Roger Clarke worked as a writer on audio-visuals with Denzil in the 1970s.
Syd Conabere
Syd Conabere was an Australian actor in theatre, film and television.
Nigel Dick
Nigel Dick was General Manager of GTV9, Melbourne in the 1960s.
Peter Duncan
Peter Duncan worked with Denzil in television in Melbourne, Albury and Perth.
Des Ford
Des Ford was head of the audio department at GTV9.
Peter Harries
Peter Harries is a Perth entertainer who worked with Denzil at STW9.
James Hazelden
James Hazelden is a Melbourne musician.
Terry Howard
Terry Howard worked with Denzil in radio in Warrnambool in the 1940s.
Laine Lamont
Laine Lamont appeared with Denzil in “Me and My Girl” in the 1980s.
Win Leslie
Win Leslie was a childhood friend of Denzil in Mont Albert.
Mike McColl Jones
Mike McColl Jones worked at GTV9 in the early days of Australian television.
John Murphy
John Murphy is a Melbourne actor.
Veronica Overton-Lowe
Veronica Overton-Lowe worked with Denzil in Perth television in the 1960s.
Heather Pennell
Heather Pennell appeared on radio 3RPP where Denzil became a regular guest.
Bob Phillips
Bob Phillips worked with Denzil at GTV9 and later founded “TV World” — The Australian Museum of Modern Media.
Peter Piccini
Peter Piccini was a Perth musician who worked with Denzil at STW9.
Rob Sinclair
Rob Sinclair operates a film and video to DVD conversion service in Hampton, Victoria.
Barry Skinner
Barry Skinner worked at AMV4 Albury at its inception in 1964.
Peter Smith
Peter Smith is a well-known Melbourne television personality.
Garry Stewart
Garry Stewart worked at GTV9 in the early days of Australian television and was Denzil’s theatrical agent in later years.

Biographical Notes About Denzil

The following biographical notes about Denzil were presented as the eulogy at the funeral service for Denzil held on 23 September 2005:

Gregory Ross, Funeral Celebrant
Greg Ross is a Melbourne actor.
Paul Howson
Paul Howson is Denzil Howson’s son.
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