Photo Galleries

Photographs from Denzil Howson’s life, arranged by theme. Denzil had a collection of photographs from his career, numbering in the hundreds, many from the early days of Australian television.

Childhood, youth and army service
Denzil’s early days in radio from 1938 to 1948
The early days at GTV9 (1957–1963), then AMV4 Albury and STW9 Perth (1966–1968)
Film making activities began in the 1940s and continued up to the 1990s
Theatrical photos from the 1960s to the 1980s
Photos of family activities and home theatres/recording studios

More to Come

The photographs still to be added include the following. Check back periodically for new additions.

  • Theatrical appearances during the 1980s (“Me And My Girl”).
  • The GTV9 Christmas Pantomimes from 1958 through to 1963 (an extensive collection). We hope at some stage to include some audio and video from these productions also.
  • The television pilot for “Rafferty” made in 1972, a drama set on the Murray River in the days of paddle steamers.
  • Photos from Denzil’s childhood and his time in the army during WWII.
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