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Differences Between Picking Web Fonts and Picking Print Fonts

05 Jul 2012

I recently had two occasions to select fonts, one for a website project and the other for a printed book design project. Read entire post

Light at the End of the Tunnel

06 Oct 2010

Last week’s Business Catalyst “Town Hall Meeting” from Adobe was encouraging. After a year of near silence since the Business Catalyst merger with Adobe we at last had a chance to see the faces and hear the voices of the team behind BC. Read entire post

Limitations of Templates and Content Holders

09 Sep 2010

One of the puzzling things about Business Catalyst is why tried and tested software designs successfully used in open source content management systems (and hence readily available to mimic) have been completely ignored. Read entire post

Blog Templates Not Quite Right Yet

10 Aug 2010

The recent addition of separate templates for blog posts in list and detail views is a small but useful improvement. At last we have a way to distinguish the context in which a blog post is being presented. Read entire post

So Many People, So Little Result?

29 Jun 2010

Today’s announcement from Business Catalyst of SEO Friendly URLs for Products and Catalogs is a welcome step forward. Read entire post

Hierarchical Attributes in Website Structure — Part 1

02 Apr 2010

This is Part 1 of a proposal for adding hierarchical attributes to Business Catalyst website structures. The website structure is considered as a tree of nodes onto which attributes can be attached. Nodes inherit attributes from ancestor nodes. A pre-existing example of such a system (the Frontier Website Framework) and its benefits is presented. Read entire post

Using Textmate to Edit BC Pages and Templates

21 Mar 2010

Using a code editor to edit the content of pages, templates and layouts is simpler and quicker than using the Business Catalyst web interface. Read entire post

Blogging in BC Needs an Overhaul

10 Feb 2010

The Blog module in Business Catalyst, like most of the system, is adequate for basics. However it is nowhere near as flexible as dedicated blogging systems like WordPress and the like. Read entire post

What Business Catalyst Needs from Adobe

07 Dec 2009

I wonder how far Adobe looked into Business Catalyst before deciding to bring it into the Adobe stable of products a few months ago? Read entire post

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