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Is Glyph Scaling a Good Idea in Book Typesetting?

17 Aug 2016

Glyph Scaling allows the InDesign Paragraph Composer an extra variable to play with in determining an aesthetically pleasing set of line breaks and hyphenations for each paragraph. But on low resolution output devices (such as publish-on-demand laser printing systems) this can produce noticeable changes in the widths of vertical strokes in glyphs. Be warned.

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Using Ruby, Builder and Premailer to Create a Modular Email System

04 Dec 2014

Do you need to streamline the process of creating HTML marketing emails? This idea was recently explored in an article by Brian Graves on the Smashing Magazine website titled “Improve Your Email Workflow With Modular Design”: Read entire post

Using TEX for Scripted Generation of Beautiful Documents

07 Aug 2014

If you were a franchisor seeking a reliable way to find quality franchisees, you might turn to an online tool offered by one of my clients, the Franchise Relationships Institute. Read entire post

Using Font Events to Refine Font Parameters When a Web Font is Not Available

08 May 2014

Useful article on the Typekit blog from 2010 about using font events to refine font parameters when a web font is not available: Read entire post

The Need for Competition to Adobe

10 May 2013

From John's previous post on this topic: [Let's assume that doesn't happen & think creatively about other approaches. --J.] Read entire post

Yet Another Post About Adobe and Creative Cloud

10 May 2013

Another comment posted on John Nack's blog. Read entire post

More About the Adobe Creative Cloud Only Decision

09 May 2013

Another comment added to John Nack’s blog, which can be found here: Read entire post

Feedback to Adobe About Their "Creative Cloud Only" Decision

07 May 2013

I made the following comment on John Nack's Adobe blog: Read entire post

Learning to Typeset and Layout Books in the 1970s

19 Oct 2012

My first direct exposure to the world of design and publishing was being handed the task of typesetting and laying out a 300-page book. I had no prior experience of typesetting and laying out a book. Read entire post

The Art of Logo Design: Short Video

29 Jul 2012

An excellent short (6 minute) video on the history and art of logo design from “Off Book: PBS Digital Studios”. Read entire post

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