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    Dr John Grierson, Who Invented the Term “Documentary” Film

    10 Jan 2020
    Dr John Grierson
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    Barossa — The Musical That Almost Was

    27 Sep 2018

    For Australian artists, musicians, actors and writers in the immediate post-war era, opportunities for career advancement in Australia were seen as limited. Thus it was that many sought greener fields overseas. For those of European descent, this meant the creative Mecca of London, vibrant home of great culture and tradition in theatre, music and film. Read entire post

    “Assignment in April” — A 1950s Australian Radio Thriller Hinting At Post-War Nazi Intrigue

    16 Nov 2015

    During the “Golden Age” of radio, before the arrival of television in Australia in 1956, radio dramas were very popular. Australasian Radio Productions was a company founded circa 1945 by distinguished Australian author Morris West. ARP was a producer of radio dramas and operated a small recording studio for this purpose in Smith Street, Collingwood.[1Read entire post

    The Flight of the Uiver

    03 Aug 2015

    In 1934 the Melbourne chocolate millionaire, Sir MacPherson Robertson, sponsored a “Centennary Air Race” from London to Melbourne. The race attracted numerous entrants from around the world, including KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Keen to exploit the possibilities of world air travel, KLM entered a DC2 aircraft named the Uiver. On its way to Melbourne, the Uiver became lost in a heavy storm and was forced to make an emergency night landing on the racecourse at Albury, New South Wales. Read entire post

    A Brief Visit to the Former GTV9 Studios

    17 Nov 2014

    While driving through Richmond recently on a visit to Melbourne, I took a detour to check out the former GTV9 site in Bendigo Street. It’s a place that holds vivid memories, when as a child I often visited the studios with my father, Denzil Howson. Read entire post

    Two Brief Transport Documentaries, London, 1952

    10 Sep 2014

    Apart from numerous interviews with individuals which Denzil conducted whilst in the UK in 1952 he also took the time to assemble some short radio documentaries. Read entire post

    Interviews with Googie Withers and John McCallum, London, 1952

    08 Aug 2014

    As an established actress in British films, Googie Withers would have been well known to Australian radio audiences when Denzil Howson interviewed her in 1952, together with her Australian actor husband, John McCallum.  Read entire post

    Interview with 78yo British Actress, Ada Reeve, London 1952

    05 May 2014

    Denzil and his wife Dot travelled to the UK and Europe in 1952, where Denzil recorded a series of interviews for broadcast on the ABC and on commercial radio, the latter under the title “An Argus Newsreader Abroad”. Read entire post

    Interview with Australian Composer Don Banks (1952)

    10 Apr 2014

    The name of Australian composer Don Banks rang a bell when I came across it on one of Denzil’s interview tapes, recorded in the UK in 1952. Read entire post

    Interview with English Actress Anne Crawford (1952)

    09 Apr 2014

    I was recently contacted by a lady in the UK who was interested in the life of British actress Anne Crawford and had seen the following photo on this website of Denzil with Ms Crawford. According to the Internet Movie Database, Anne Crawford was born in 1920 in Haifa, Palestine and died of leukemia in London in 1956. Read entire post

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